Founders Message

We’re thrilled to present the second season of Chamberfest West. Your support and enthusiasm for our inaugural year inspired us, and we know you will be equally excited by the 2023 program. 

Each of our summer festivals has an overarching theme, framing the diverse and incredible chamber music literature in an enlightening way. Big Bang, our inaugural festival, launched ChamberFest West with the celebratory, dynamic, and explosive aspects of birth, youth, and new beginnings. Our 2023 Festival, Resonance, features twenty pieces that resonate and echo through the ages, with arrangements created by artists who have been inspired by works of past masters and modern contemporaries.  

We’ll begin and end the Festival at the wonderful Bella Concert Hall, and return to Studio Bell at the National Music Centre mid-festival for an innovative and enchanting evening. There are two new venues to enrich our audience’s experience; we can’t wait to share Emotional Echoes from the top of The Bow, and invite you to sit with the musicians on stage at the Jack Singer Concert Hall for Loops.

One of the most  important aspects of Resonance is the shared audience experience. The fusion of feelings each listener has to a live, intimate performance creates a very special collective moment. Confident our 2023 program will resonate on all these levels, we look forward to welcoming you and your friends to ChamberFest West’s 2023 Festival.

Diana Cohen and Roman Rabinovich, Artistic Directors


Ten years ago, Diana Cohen founded ChamberFest Cleveland alongside her father, lauded clarinetist Franklin Cohen. ChamberFest Cleveland is now one of the pre-eminent chamber music festivals in North America, bringing amazing musicians to Cleveland and creating what has lovingly been dubbed the “chamberhood.” Diana’s husband, concert pianist Roman Rabinovich has performed in the world’s greatest halls and with some of the most exciting musicians on the scene.  Roman and Diana now make their home in Calgary, where Diana serves as Concertmaster of the Calgary Philharmonic, and Roman uses Calgary as a base from which to travel. 

ChamberFest West was founded as a charitable society in Calgary 2021. An engaged Board of Directors with diverse skills governs the organization.

What is Chamber Music

Chamber music is composed for performance by a small group of instruments—traditionally a group that could fit inside a palace chamber. There is usually one performer per part and chamber compositions frequently resemble a conversation among the musicians.

As a result, playing chamber music requires special skills, both musical and social, that differ from the skills required for playing solo or symphonic works. Performances become a personal experience between the artists and the audience.

International Musicians

ChamberFest West brings internationally acclaimed classical musicians to perform with some of Canada’s best and together they create a unique fusion of styles and interpretations.

Mission, Vision & Values

Artistic excellence is the foundation of our Festival. 

ChamberFest West’s VISION is that Calgary and Alberta are internationally recognized for chamber music. We aspire to add to the richness of Calgary and continue to put our city on the map as a cultural destination.  Our MISSION is to present an intensive summer chamber music festival that features internationally renowned musicians, explores unique and immersive thematic programming, and creates original, engaging musical experiences for its audiences. This festival will nurture a deep family-like connection between musicians and audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

ChamberFest West is devoted to creating original, engaging musical experiences for its audiences. Each summer the festival will have a theme; this overarching idea will connect each of the festival programs. Our commitment is to explore the great gems of the chamber music literature, cutting edge works of our time, and world music that has informed these genres.

ChamberFest West presents an international and multi-generational cast of musicians – great artists who have made their reputations over decades, alongside the most extraordinary young “rising stars” who we believe will benefit from the opportunity to play with more senior musicians in an international summer festival.

ChamberFest West is mindful of the myriad and long-lasting benefits the arts bring to individuals and communities; at the same time CFW is aware these benefits are not enjoyed equally.

ChamberFest West is committed to creating a culture that celebrates chamber music in ways that foster and promote enhanced individual and community access and engagement, especially among those segments of the community historically underrepresented in the chamber music world.

ChamberFest West is committed to intentionally investing time and resources to develop and sustain policies, procedures, practices, and programming that mitigate traditional barriers to involvement in chamber music.

ChamberFest West is committed to including diversity, equity and inclusion as guiding principles in its decision making and strategic planning, while remaining true to its artistic vision.

ChamberFest West recognizes that achieving cultural equity takes time, commitment, resources, on-going learning, and openness to change.

Extraordinary Performances

Board of Directors

ChamberFest West Society’s Board members have been recruited for their strong financial and managerial stewardship.

  • Heather Bourne

  • Diana Cohen

  • Brenda Erskine

  • Peter Feldstein

  • Robyn Gurofsky
    Vice Chair and Secretary

  • Veronica McDermott

  • Roslyn Mendelson

  • Rick Osuna

  • Roman Rabinovich

  • Dale Meister
    Past Board Member

  • Joan Meister
    Past Board Member

  • Glen Taylor
    Past Board Member


  • Diana Cohen
    Co-Artistic Director

  • Roman Rabinovich
    Co-Artistic Director

  • Steven Gallant
    General Manager

  • Mark Scholz
    Festival Manager